Watch Our New Review on Caravan Camping Sales

On May 16th 2024, Caravan Camping Sales published a review of Grand City Caravan’s 19ft 6in Grand City Royale. In the process, they learnt about our Melbourne-based business. We are second-generation caravan builders with a combined 20-plus years’ experience in the industry.

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In summary, here are a few standout quotes from the review that caught our attention:

All Grand City caravans are backed by a two-year Australia-wide general warranty and three-year structural warranty, with two dealers located in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.”

– Caravan Camping Sales, 2024, Paragraph 7.

“It’s hard not to like the review van’s grey and brown gloss finish CNC furniture (matte and other colours are also available), together with matte black push-button catches, square-edge, raw timber-look benchtops and matching black shower door frames and tapware.”

– Caravan Camping Sales, 2024, Paragraph 22.

“Grand City Caravans has taken it up a notch by adopting some of the build practices of more upmarket caravan manufacturers, like its use of CNC-cut 18mm structural ply for an interlocking ‘jigsaw frame structure’ that comes complete with polystyrene insulation for the walls and roof.”

– Caravan Camping Sales, 2024, Paragraph 9.

“By using the 3D modelling of the 18mm structural grade ply for our walls, we are able to build a stronger caravan by screwing through the 18mm directly into the entire length of the furniture partition.

(Whereas) other frame types and caravans that do not have 3D designs completed, the vertical studs in the wall will not always match the furniture partition, so the screws will be from the 3mm internal lining only.”

Grand City Caravans’ Operations Manager Neth Kudagama, Caravan Camping Sales, 2024, Paragraph 10-11.

“There’s a lot to like about the full width rear ensuite too, with its solid sliding door, towel rails and toilet roll holder, mirror, lights and an opening window and roof hatch above the toilet, to go with another LED 12V roof hatch in the shower cubicle. There’s also a spot for the towels and linen in the ensuite cupboards; positioned above, below and to the left of the vanity.”

– Caravan Camping Sales, 2024, Paragraph 27.

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