Two Way Pantry Rack for Caravan

Sick of having go in and out of your caravan to get your cutlery and access your pantry? 
Well we were! That’s why we’ve just released our latest innovation, a two-way pantry rack which you can access from the inside and outside!

Fitted as standard on our Nomad Family 17ft 10 Double Bunk Caravan , our two-way pantry rack features a generous drawer to fill with your cooking staples. Underneath, you have enough space to storeyour cutlery, tongs, knives and any other cooking utensils.

Our two way pantry rack for our caravans complement our range of slide out kitchens and BBQs exceptionally well, offering the ultimate in convenience and efficiency when caravanning.

Ask your dealer about our latest innovation; the two-way pantry rack which can be accessed from inside the caravan as well as the outside.