Victron Energy System For Your Caravan

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve partnered with Victron Energy to bring you the best in off grid electrical solutions across our entire off road caravan range. Following our ethos of utilising the highest quality, reliable components, Victron Energy are global leading 12v energy solution specialists for the last 40 years. European made, and backed by a 5 year Australia wide warranty, combining decades of engineering excellence, Victron will allow you to stay off grid in your Grand City caravan for longer.

We have four Victron Energy power boards configurations available as standard, so whether you’re a weekend warrior or an off grid adventurer, we have your caravan electrical needs covered!

Starting with the Grand 30 & Grand 50, this power board configuration is an excellent upgrade to our standard BMPRO ASPERO, featuring a 30A AC Charger, 30A DC-DC Charger as well as your choice of an 30A or 50A MPPT Solar Controller. If you’re wanting 600W of solar or more, then we suggest the 50A MPPT Solar Controller. Not sure how many solar panels or batteries you need? Contact us today!

Do you want to be able to run your aircon, induction cooktop, hair dryer, air fryer and other appliances while you’re off grid?

Then you’ll need an inverter as part of your electrical system set up and we have two options for you depending on your requirements – the Mini Escape 2000 or Mini Escape 3000. As their name suggests, the first features a 2000W inverter whereas the second features a 3000W inverter.
Not sure whether you need a 2000W inverter or 3000W inverter for your off grid caravan? Contact us about your electric system requirements so we can custom build a luxury off grid caravan for you!

So if you’re looking for an off road caravan with a Victron battery system, then we’ve got you covered!